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Loved by Rutgers fans for not only his skills on the field but his maturity and leadership away from it, too, Scarlet Knights wide receiver Bo Melton has made his impact known since stepping foot onto Rutgers campus. Finishing up his collegiate career ranked 3rd in games played throughout his time with the Scarlet Knights, Melton will be remembered in New Brunswick for years to come. Now preparing for the upcoming NFL draft, Bo says that his faith has guided him as he waits to hear his name called.

Photo by Ben Solomon/Rutgers Athletics
The son of two former Rutgers athletes, Scarlet had always been in the blood of Bo Melton. With his younger brother now on the team too, the family has lived out Rutgers traditions throughout their lives. Away from sports, Melton’s family also made sure faith was an integral part of who he was.

“Faith has always been a part of my life as my father is a preacher. I was raised up in a church where I played the drums and my life was given to Christ at a young age. I began to have faith in the lord in which he guided my life’s journey.”

After finishing his high school career by being named the top receiver in his class out of the state of New Jersey, it was Rutgers where he chose to spend his collegiate career.

Throughout his time at Rutgers, Melton consistently has been one of the leaders on the team. Helping navigate the team through the ups and downs, he has become loved by everyone in the locker room. As Melton now prepares for the next steps of his life and awaits where he will end up, he says his anxiety is relieved by knowing that his future is all in God’s hands.

Photo by Ben Solomon/Rutgers Athletics
“Putting your trust in the lord makes it easier to feel relaxed, just because you know it’s not your will, it’s Gods will.”

After becoming one of the most notable players at the NFL combine, he is looking to continue to contribute in any way he can at the next level.

With the draft just days away, Melton will be surrounded by family and friends as he awaits the next stage of his life. Wherever his future leads, Bo says he just hopes that whoever is watching will see him as a reflection of the gifts God has given him.

“All I want people to see is God through me, and know that he is real.”

With his future only just beginning, the impact that Bo Melton will have on the lives of all those he interacts with will continue for years to come.


Ethan Kruse

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