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A star power forward out of Link Academy in Branson, Missouri, Cade Phillips has made a name for himself as one of the hardest workers in his class. With an uncanny athleticism and knowledge of the game, Cade’s style of play is expected to translate well as he prepares for the college level. After making his commitment to the Tennessee Volunteers, fans in Knoxville are excited to see all that Cade will bring to the table. However, beyond the basketball court, what is most impressive about Cade is his character. With a deep sense of humility, Cade says he hopes he can use his basketball career for something bigger than himself.

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If you ask Cade about his performance on the court, he is quick to deflect the praise. Crediting his teammates for helping him become the player he is, he also credits God for his abilities and says he hopes his career can be used to honor Him. For Cade, faith is the biggest priority. Since he was young, he says it was always an essential part of life for him and his family, but experiences throughout life have shaped it into what it is today.

“Faith has been in my life for as long as I can remember. However, I didn’t really begin to strive for my own relationship with Him until later in my life.”

Cade says that he learned during his journey not to try and replicate anyone else’s faith, but instead to grow his own relationship with God.

“One thing that I recommend to anyone is to really search for a relationship with God and not try to copy what anyone else is doing.”

Known as one of the most exciting and intriguing recruits in his class, Cade will soon get the chance to prove himself at the collegiate level when he joins the Volunteers. In terms of his career on the court, Cade says that he couldn’t do it without his faith first.

“Faith has been everything to me in my life and has become even more prevalent in my basketball career because of the hardships that can come from it.”

Cade says that having trust in God and His love for him regardless of his performance gives him peace and confidence to play the game that he loves.

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“Knowing that there is a God that loves me regardless of my performance and who I can glorify through my play, there is no suffering I can go through whether that be in sports or in life that is too much for Him.”

Cade says that by letting God into the driver’s seat, he has been able to live his most joyful and fulfilled life.

As Cade has grown older, he says that he has begun to see all the blessings that he has and looks to use his gifts as a way to give back. With wisdom beyond his years and a servant’s heart, Cade looks to play for more than just himself.

“I want to use my platform to share all the things that come from having a relationship with God. The joy I have in knowing that through anything, God gives me the peace and strength to face all trials we will have while we walk with Him.”

Cade says that he knows the journey will not always be easy, but putting his future in God’s hands allows him to treasure every moment as he looks to be a light in the lives of those around him.

As Cade finishes up his senior year of high school, he cannot wait for the chance to join Rick Barnes’ team at Tennessee. With his future only just beginning, the impact that Cade will have will continue for years to come. A leader both on and off the court, Cade’s maturity and grace are felt by all those around him. Wherever his future takes him, Cade hopes to glorify God through it all.


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