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Michigan basketball commit George Washington III looks to be a difference maker when he takes the court in Ann Arbor. On the court, George has become one of the top shooting guards in the country in 2023 and looks to build on his high school success with the Wolverines. Making a difference, however, extends beyond just the court for George. As he prepares for his future in basketball, he says that he hopes he can use his skills to inspire others and be a difference-maker in his community.

Photo Provided by George Washington III
From Dayton, Ohio, George has grown up with faith and family as his foundation. He says that his parents always made sure that God was a part of his life and it has paid dividends for him over the years.

“I have pretty much always been a follower of Christ. My parents and family life has raised me with an incredibly strong and healthy faith and understanding of God.”

As he has grown up, George hopes to always treat others with the love and care that Jesus demonstrates.

“Jesus has always held a central part of my life and worldview, and I feel that it has had the largest impact on my respect for people as a whole.”

On the court, George’s skills netted him offers from schools that included Auburn, Tennessee, Ohio State, and more. Now making his commitment to Michigan, George says that his faith also plays a key role for him every time he steps onto the court.

“I’d say that my faith has been an absolute rock and source of confidence for me on the court. There is a sense of calm that comes over me when I first recognize my worth is from God and not my production on the court but also when I recognize that the outcome is in God’s hands I can acknowledge that I have done my part which is work and effort.”

George says that mindset has allowed him to play the game he loves without pressure, knowing his future is in God’s hands regardless of any circumstance.

Photo Provided by George Washington III
George carries with him a deep desire to make an impact. He says that when his career is over, he wants to know that he took advantage of every opportunity he could to make a difference in the lives of others. Through everything he does, he hopes to be a reflection of God and the faith that has carried him to where he is today.

“With the platform that I have and the larger one I hope to have, my goal is to represent and give the best modeling of Christ’s character for others to view.”

George also wants to use his skills on the court to give back to his community and inspire anyone who may be watching.

“I want to be someone that uses their platform to not only to spread Christ’s name but to also extend Christ’s care and to provide as much aid as possible to aid those who need us and dismantle oppressive systems.”

One of the most mature high school seniors you could meet, George’s heart for others and passion for making an impact illuminate every room that he walks into. As George looks to help Michigan to a National Championship, he will do it with faith as his guide, always knowing that his career and future rest in God’s hands. With that as his centerpiece, Geroge lives each day centered on gratitude and looking to shine a light everywhere that he goes.


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