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When Texas A&M guard Manny Obaseki steps onto the court, he first takes a moment to reflect. A top recruit out of high school, Manny has been praised for his off-the-chart athleticism and sharp decision making. As he has become a key contributor for the Aggies now in his second year with the program, the excitement and anticipation for what Manny could bring to the game continues to grow. However, deeper than that, Manny is guided by a desire to make an impact. One of the most selfless and humble athletes you will find, Manny says that his goal is to inspire those watching and play for something bigger than himself.

Photo Courtesy of Texas A&M Athletics
A star out of John Paul II High School in Allen, Texas, Manny decided to stay close to home for his college career. Holding a tight relationship with his parents, Manny says that they are the reason for who he is today and played a key role in making faith an integral part of his life.

“Ever since I was young, I’ve been raised around church and have had the importance of God and His will instilled in me. Throughout the trials I faced both on and off the court, I always knew I could go to God and use Him as my safe place. Still, to this day, I continue to go to Him in times of trouble and worship and praise Him for all he’s done for me.”

After arriving on campus in College Station, Manny appeared in 38 games and made 17 starts during his freshman year. Now seeing that role continue to grow in his second year with the program, he says faith continues to guide him everyday.

“Faith is what keeps me going. I believe that it’s kept me out of very dark places in many aspects during my basketball career.”

Manny says that early on in his high school career, he was struggling and didn’t know where to turn. It was in his faith that he began to find solace and comfort.

Photo Courtesy of Texas A&M Athletics
“Especially my freshman year in High School… I almost quit on everything, including myself. But, I was very prayerful and continued to work. I had faith in my work and that everything would be okay. I’m so glad I did.”

As the Aggies look to reach the NCAA Tournament this year and make a name for themselves as a top team out of the SEC, Manny says his goals lie beyond just the basketball court. As he has grown from his struggles earlier in his life, he says he hopes to show those watching that everything will work out ok. Regardless of the situation, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

“I hope I can give someone else hope and understanding that they are never alone and that they were brought on this earth to be something special. That their value is real and that if you work hard everyday and stick to it, God will eventually bless you.”

As the Aggies finish up their non conference schedule, they will look to Manny to help guide them both on the court and in the locker room. As Manny has become someone that others can go to and talk to about whatever life brings, he says he hopes to be known for more than just being a basketball player. Reiterating the value that every person has, Manny says he hopes his life can be used to show the worth in every person and the ways that God can use you. In an increasingly dark world, Manny continues to be a light each and every day.


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