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“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

-Matthew 6:33


One of the Arizona Diamondbacks top prospects and number 41 on MLB’s list of the top 100 prospects, Alek Thomas has seen excitement for his name skyrocket throughout his time in the minor leagues. After he was a late second round pick in 2018, Thomas has done nothing but proved himself as he has run through each level of the minors he has been a part of. Now currently holding a .369 average to finish the year in Triple-A with a 1.091 OPS, he finds himself on the brink of the big leagues. As he prepares for the call, he says his faith keeps him grounded and focused.

A native of Morganton, North Carolina, Alek Thomas has been around the game of baseball for as long as he can remember.

Photo by John Moore/Amarillo Sod Poodles
As his dad is currently a trainer for the Chicago White Sox, the game of baseball has long been in his blood. While he was growing up and becoming a star on the diamond, his faith was also developing. Instilled in him since he was young, he says that as he has gotten older and experienced things for himself, it has become more important than ever before.

“Now being a young man I understand a little bit more about faith and how to deal with different things in my life. I remind myself that it’s important to keep faith first.” He says it is a reminder for him to stay humble regardless of the results of the game. Over the past few years, though, the results have treated Thomas quite well.

Including his first minor league season in 2018, Thomas has never hit below .300 over the course of a year. Now totaling more extra base hits than ever before, Thomas has continued to grow as an athlete and furthered his ascent through top prospect lists. As he takes the field each day, he says he is reminded to always put God first.

“My faith and belief in God plays a big role in my baseball career. My faith reminds me that there is a plan for me. Through the ups and downs of baseball I trust what’s happening and I continue to push forward.” As he has progressed through the ranks and silenced any doubters of him and his potential, he knows the unpredictability of the game and says that a foundation of faith has been pivotal for him in his journey.

After Thomas finished up a 2019 campaign that saw him hit .300 on the year, he experienced, like the rest of baseball and the world, a shutdown of what he loved most.

Photo by John Moore/Amarillo Sod Poodles
As he waited during the year for the chance to once again get back on the field, he looked at it as an opportunity to grow and trust that God is still in control.

“There’s lots of ups and downs throughout a season both on the field and off the field. I just trust in God’s plan. Everything happens for a reason. I could choose to pout and feel sorry for myself or I could make light of the situation and look at the positives.” Alek says that relying on God’s timing, even when it may not be his own, is a must in his life and his career.

“In life things might not go my way, but I still try to stay the same person as if they were going my way and vice versa. That’s all through faith and trusting in God’s plan.”

As Alek was named Diamondbacks Minor Leaguer of the Year alongside pitcher Ryne Nelson, he is not letting himself get caught up in the talk of the MLB or what the future may bring. He says he is taking everything day by day and trusting that God will place him exactly where he needs to be. No matter what, Alek hopes to use his gifts to serve others and always keep God first in his life.


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