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“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

-Jeremiah 29:11


A top quarterback recruit coming out of Cornerstone Christian School in San Antonio, Texas, Lucas Coley would choose Arkansas to play for the next four years of his life over offers from Virginia Tech, Tennessee, and more. After being rated the no. 9 dual threat quarterback in the 2021 class by ESPN, Razorback fans rejoiced with the news that Coley would be joining a talented 2021 class headed to Fayetteville. As Coley has begun adjusting to his new team, he has watched as the Razorbacks have taken the college football world by storm with a 4-0 start to the year. As Coley awaits his chance to take the field for coach Sam Pittman’s team, he is focused on using his gifts to inspire others.

Growing up, Lucas Coley’s talents on the field were constantly on display. Since he was a kid, Coley would always have a football in his hands and gravitated towards being a QB throughout his time in the game. While growing up, Lucas says that faith was also an important part of his upbringing. His mom, Deborah, would go to church on Sunday mornings when she was younger to hear about the Word and grow in her own faith. As she now raises her own kids, she says she wants to make sure she does so with a foundation of faith.

Lucas with his mom, Deborah, on his graduation.
“I have always told my children to always do the right thing when nobody’s watching because God always sees us, and we are never alone. Our family has experienced some hardships, but through it all, I knew that God would carry us and guide us through the dark times — and He has! I told Lucas to always lean on God to always give thanks and praise to Him and trust His plan.”

As Lucas grew up, he hit some roadblocks on his journey to where he is today. He says that in his junior year of high school, he made faith more of a priority than ever before. He says those hardships helped him grow both on and off the field.

“Faith was something I really relied on, and I started to see a change in myself personally. That change is what has fueled my faith filled journey ever since.”

As he now finds himself as a freshman on a football team in the SEC, keeping that faith first has become imperative for him. He says reminding himself that God is always in control is something he has leaned on throughout his young career.

“One big thing that I constantly think about is that the Lord already has my process in stone. He already knows where this long road of life will take me. I think just knowing that in the back of my head really helps me remain calm and focused on the hardest times of my life.”

Photo courtesy of University of Arkansas Athletics
Although Lucas has found loads of success on the field during the season, he says that it is in the offseason that relying on God and trusting in His timing is pivotal.

“Constantly grinding every single day for multiple hours a day can be extremely draining. Having faith in the process is a huge part of the off-season. Football, especially at the college level, can be a big business and extremely taxing emotionally and mentally. Football can start to become so big in your life as a college athlete, that it honestly starts to overshadow your faith at times. Staying persistent and being very intentional with your faith is a very big deal in my life.”

Staying persistent and making that his mindset has paid dividends for Coley, who says he is extremely grateful to walk alongside a great group of teammates and friends on their way towards a 2021 season that is full of potential for Arkansas.

As the Razorbacks look towards a monumental game this weekend where they will take the road and take on the 2nd ranked Georgia Bulldogs, Coley is staying grounded by his focus on faith. Although watching Lucas play on the field has been a joy, Deborah says seeing her son grow in his journey and his humility have been even more powerful.

“Watching Lucas overcome some very difficult situations that would have made the average teenager crumble, has been amazing. Lucas is resilient. Lucas is strong. Lucas is humble. Lucas has the ability to impact and change the lives of others through his story. I am very proud of my son and cannot wait to watch him continue on this journey. God is in control of his destiny!”


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