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Mississippi State freshman Creed Whittemore has quickly made his impact known since arriving on campus for the Bulldogs. A highly touted recruit out of high school, Creed has already appeared in all 5 games for the Bulldogs so far in the 2023 season. As he looks to continue growing both on and off the field, it is his faith that keeps him grounded and focused on what is most important.

Photo provided by Creed Whittemore
Originally from Florida, Creed says that faith has always been an important part of his life. He credits his parents and older brothers for guiding him throughout his journey. Now on his own at the collegiate level, he says he finds himself turning to faith more than ever before.

“I think college is a time where you have a lot of time to think and be to yourself which is a great opportunity to grow closer in your walk. I think I’ve seen this in my time in college as I’ve had to make decisions by myself and lean on the Holy Spirit for guidance.”

On the field, Creed made a name for himself throughout high school as one of the best athletes on the field. A star in track alongside football during those years, his gifts have always been on display. For Creed, however, his goal is to use those gifts as an opportunity to point others to Jesus.

“I think faith is the foundation that holds me down as I play. I try to have the joy of the Lord every time I step onto the football field whether I dropped a ball or caught a touchdown. We have so much pressure on us to perform. You have to be able to let go of that and play the game for a different purpose. That purpose can actually fulfill unlike scoring a touchdown which is so fleeting.”

Photo provided by Creed Whittemore
Creed says he finds his purpose beyond the football field. While he loves getting to play the game he loves, his performance is not what defines him.

“I feel more free on the field to just have fun because I know my purpose in life isn’t to catch this football but to be a disciple of the Lord. Some people get that mixed up with performance. You’re not gonna play better because of your faith but you can have more joy doing it knowing that football isn’t your everything. I guarantee that will bring you more satisfaction than anything else.”

In just his first year on campus, Creed has already turned heads with his play on the field. As he looks towards the future, he says he hopes it is one where he used his gifts to put his faith on display. When people see Creed, he hopes they don’t think of a football player but instead a follower of Jesus.

“I want the people around me to think of Jesus before they think of football when they see me. It’s a battle, college is a worldly place that’s why it’s so important to stay in the Bible and have people around you that you can confess to. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. The Lord saying well done, good and faithful servant is all I want to hear.”

Now a month into his first season of college football, Creed continues to grow acclimated to the life of a Division 1 athlete. In a world filled with pressures to perform, Creed finds his identity in his faith and takes the field with peace every week knowing who is in charge. With his platform, Creed looks to continue to inspire both on and off the field for years to come.


Ethan Kruse

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  1. great article!! It is good to hear a fellow believer mention the name of our lord and actually speak of Holy Spirit as well.

  2. The Burtons are so blessed to know you and we love watching you shine on and off the field!! Keep being a light for the Lord! We are praying for you!!

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