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A star out of George Ranch High School and the 32nd ranked recruit in the nation, Baylor Opposite Hitter Allie Sczech has quickly made an impact since arriving in Waco. After finishing an illustrious career for her high school team alongside her Houston Skyline club team, Allie started in 21 matches her freshman year and has started every match so far in her sophomore campaign.

Photo provided by Allie Sczech/Baylor Athletics
As she looks to help bring a championship to Baylor, Allie says she hopes to use her gifts in the game to inspire and uplift others.

A native of Sugarland, Texas, Allie says that faith has played a key role in her volleyball career throughout her life. As she was looking at schools and preparing for where she would attend college, she says the foundation of faith at Baylor played a key role in pulling her to Waco.

“I was led to Baylor for multiple different reasons. The academics, athletics, staff, and etc. Most importantly, the main reason I chose Baylor is because of the Christ-like culture here. I’m so blessed to have found a program that worships the Lord and plays for something so much bigger.”

Since arriving at Baylor, Allie says she has seen her faith grow more than ever before. A program centered on faith and service, Allie says the people in Waco have been paramount for her throughout her journey.

“I have grown up knowing who God is but never really knew what it meant to have a personal relationship with him until I got older. Since coming to Baylor I have developed a personal relationship with the Lord. This was when my faith began to skyrocket.”

Photo provided by Allie Sczech/Baylor Athletics
Now taking the court as one of the top players on Baylor’s team, Allie says that her faith continues to guide her every time that she plays. Allie says that she always competes for something bigger than herself, and that is what gives her purpose in every match.

“Faith has a huge impact on my volleyball career. Every time I step on the court I am playing for him. Volleyball has helped show me how strong my faith can be through the ups and downs of sports.”

A fan favorite in Waco, it is Allie’s enthusiasm, kindness, and joy that make the biggest impact both on and off the court. While she looks to become the best player that she can be, she says her goals lie beyond just the volleyball court. With her platform, Allie hopes to know that she used her gifts to make an impact on others.

“During my time at Baylor I hope to inspire people. I hope to inspire people to grow in their relationship with the Lord and to find their faith.”

Allie says that one of the biggest blessings of being at Baylor has been the opportunity to grow with her teammates in their relationships with God and one another. Crediting her teammates for being by her side always, Allie says she can’t imagine a better group to take the court with. Looking to use her gifts for something greater than herself, Allie says that she will continue to do so always with faith as her guide.


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