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One of the top track athletes in her class, Texas A&M freshman star Camryn Dickson is one of the most exciting athletes in track and field today. Making a name for herself as one of the top sprinters in America, the excitement for Camryn and her potential as an athlete has grown exponentially over the years.

Photo Provided by Camryn Dickson
Now in her first year with the Aggies, she says her faith has played an integral role in guiding her to where she is today. A native of Houston, faith was always an important part of life for Camryn and her family growing up.

“I grew up in church and have been in church my whole life. My parents got me in church early so my faith has always been very strong. However, going through certain things, my faith has definitely gotten stronger as I have seen God work in different moments.

Her mom, Wintress, says that while she is proud of who Camryn is as an athlete, who she is as a person is what makes her even more proud.

“She is always putting others first and seeing the good in others and always ready to help with a smile on her face. When her time comes to hang up her spikes, I hope the world remembers her as the athlete who was dedicated, focused, determined and disciplined but also willing to give of her time to serve others.”

Wintress says that the greatest joy for her has been seeing Camryn’s maturity grow over the years as she adapts and learns from every situation around her.

“Watching Cam grow on and off the track has been very surreal in some ways. Before my very eyes her maturity shows up in situations where she is forced to figure stuff out on her own. When I think I must step in and be the parent or help her decide, the older she gets the less I must step in as a parent due to her maturity and development. Seeing her maturation daily is a joy.”

Camryn’s dad, Chancellor, says that throughout his life he has had to learn to rely on faith when knowledge and wisdom can’t solve his children’s problems. He says that seeing Camryn rely on her faith in the midst of these circumstances is what brings him the most fulfillment.

Photo Provided by Camryn Dickson
“We have tried to teach our kids to trust God in every situation, seek His face and allow Him to give you wisdom on how to handle situations as they arise. Camryn has mentioned on many occasions how she was dealing with something either academically or athletically and hearing her say, ‘I just prayed about it’ lets us as parents know, we are doing our part in helping her navigate through life with her faith being her guide.

Camryn has been on fire to start her collegiate career, already cementing her name as one of the top freshmen in the country. As Camryn prepares for each event, she says that her faith gives her peace and allows her to remain grateful in every situation.

“Faith gives me a sense of peace all the time. I know I trained for this and that God has given me this gift. There’s peace knowing God is always there watching over me.”

Camryn’s journey hasn’t been one without its setbacks and trials. Diagnosed with scoliosis when she was young, Camryn has had to work hard to put herself in a position to not only compete but to be one of the top track athletes in the country. Although it wasn’t easy, Camryn says that she put it all in God’s hands and knows that He is always in control, regardless of the situation.

“I just knew God was gonna take care of it all. And He definitely has. I’m just really blessed that it hasn’t really taken a toll too much on my body and I’m able to go out there and compete.”

As she finishes up her stellar first season in College Station, Camryn looks to be a light in every situation that she can. With a vibrant energy and joy, Camryn’s infectious energy brings a smile to all those around her. With her career only just beginning, Camryn will be making a difference in the lives of others for years to come.


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