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Kansas State wide receiver Sterling Lockett is looking to make an impact in whatever way he can throughout his time with the Wildcats. Originally from Leawood, Kansas, Sterling has a family history at the University with his dad and brother being wide receivers for the team. Now looking to make his own mark, Sterling will be guided by his faith throughout his time in Manhattan. Sterling credits that faith for guiding him to where he is today and says he looks to use his gifts to make God’s name known.

Photo Courtesy of Kansas State Athletics
A star at Blue Valley High School, playing at Kansas State has been a dream come true for Sterling. After watching his brother, Tyler, become a star at both the collegiate and professional level where he now plays for the Seattle Seahawks, Sterling says he is now ready for his chance with the Wildcats. Strengthened by a foundation of faith and family, Sterling says that his parents played a key role in making sure faith was a priority for him and his siblings.

“Faith has always been a big part of my life and I grew up around the church and understanding the word of God. As I’ve grown older I’ve come to understand further how great He is and how much He has blessed me with.”

On the football field, Sterling says faith is what drives him every single day. Regardless of the outcome, Sterling says he knows where to find his worth. He looks at football as his opportunity to give back and appreciates every opportunity he has to play the game that he loves.

Photo Courtesy of Kansas State Athletics
“Faith is a huge part of everything I do especially when it comes to football. A large reason I’m able to perform at the level I can is because of the gifts and experiences God has blessed me with.”

Sterling says he feels a responsibility to use his gifts to play for something greater than just himself.

“For that reason, I gotta give back to Him every time I get an opportunity.”

As Sterling and the Wildcats finish up Spring ball and prepare for the upcoming 2023 season, Sterling says he cannot wait to see all that they will bring to the field. As he looks to take advantage of every opportunity he has in the upcoming campaign, Sterling says that he hopes his actions are a reflection of his faith. Through football, Sterling hopes to reach others.

“I feel blessed to be in a spot where I can use my platform to spread the word of God so others can understand how great he is.”

Sterling possesses in him a wisdom and maturity that are far beyond his age. In every interaction he has with others, Sterling looks to be a beacon of love and kindness no matter the situation. As he looks towards the upcoming year and the chance to prove himself with the Wildcats, his biggest goal is to point others to God. Sterling says that the key for him has been remaining grateful for each day as he looks to use every opportunity to be a light.


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