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Oklahoma State wide receiver Arland Bruce IV can do it all. After beginning his career with Iowa, Arland quickly made his name known, appearing in 14 games during his freshman season and being named the Hawkeye’s team recipient of the offense Team Hustle award. After entering the transfer portal following his sophomore season, Arland will be heading to Stillwater where he says he hopes to use his gifts to make an impact.

Arland with his mom
Growing up in Kansas, faith was always an important part of life for Arland and his family. However, as he has gotten older, he says he has seen that faith become more of his own. Arland says that specifically in the past year or so, he has focused on making faith more of a priority than ever before.

“I’ve always been a Christian but I didn’t build a strong relationship or get real close with God until this past year. I’ve finally been able to understand what it means to talk to God about anything and move out of that lukewarm Christian state which I still am working on.”

Arland says he knows he doesn’t have everything figured out, but is learning each day to become the best that he can be both on and off the field.

After making an impact early on as a freshman with the Hawkeyes, Arland looks to see the contribution that he makes on the field continue to grow. As he heads to Stillwater where he will be part of an exciting offense in the 2023 season, he says that he sees his faith influence his career on the field each day.

“My faith helps me realize that everything we do is for His glory. It’s way bigger than football and I’m grateful for the platform I have to spread the word of God.”

Arland during his OSU visit
Arland says that in times of worry, whether in football or in life, being able to rely on God and His plan for his life has been pivotal.

“When I might feel anxious or nervous, as soon as I pray I feel a burden being lifted off my shoulders.

Putting together one of the top transfer classes in 2023, the Oklahoma State Cowboys will look to find themselves back at the top of the Big 12 when the 2023 season rolls around. Arland says that with his career and the platform he has, he just wants to make an impact on whoever is watching him and give all the glory to God throughout his career. Arland says that with every snap, he just hopes he can play for something bigger than himself.

“I hope that I can make at least someone grow in their faith whether that’s a little bit or a lot.”

Arland will look to contribute immediately when he takes the field in Stillwater as he puts his talents and abilities to work. A versatile playmaker, Bruce looks to contribute in whatever way he can to help the Cowboys win. Arland’s goals, however, also lie beyond the game of football. Looking to make an impact wherever he lands, Arland will do just that both on and off the field throughout his career in football.


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