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Since stepping onto campus at Wake Forest, running back Justice Ellison has become a key part of the Demon Deacon offense. After playing in 8 games during his first year with the team, Justice burst onto the scene in 2021 as he finished second on the team in rushing yards with over 500. As he has become the Deacons go-to guy in the 2022 season, recently rushing for 114 yards in the team’s Week 5 win over Florida State, he says that faith is the foundation of why he plays the game.

Photo Courtesy of Wake Forest Athletics
Playing all over the field in high school, including as a running back, wide receiver, quarterback, and cornerback, Justice brought his talent and athleticism to Wake Forest after he graduated. After getting to Wake Forest, not only did Justice grow on the field, but it was off the field where he saw the biggest change.

“I wasn’t a follower of Christ before college. But God directed my path for me to have a relationship with him. He has grown in me and has impacted other people by using me. I am nothing without Jesus Christ.”

As he has continued to grow in that faith over the years, Justice says that it has propelled him forward as a student-athlete in every avenue.

Becoming the Demon Deacons’ number one running back in the 2022 season, expectations for Justice have only been elevated as he has continued to prove himself. Regardless of the outside noise, Justice has continued to remain calm and at peace with faith at the forefront of his life and career.

Photo Courtesy of Wake Forest Athletics
“Faith is my foundation. I do everything for the Lord. It all ties in to an audience of one. When there’s many fans at games, all I see is the Lord.”

Justice says that after each game, he hopes that he can look back knowing that he used his gifts to play for a purpose greater than himself.

As Wake Forest has become one of the top teams in the ACC, Justice hopes to help the Demon Deacons to their chance at an ACC Championship and some of the best years that Winston-Salem has seen. As Justice looks toward his remaining time in college, he says that he hopes it is all used for a bigger purpose. He says that with his platform, he hopes to be a light in whatever way he can.

“I hope the Lord will use me to plant seeds in people so that he can move their hearts in ways like no other. I want people to see that Jesus will always be Lord and He has come for our brokenness. I will use my platform to be bold for Christ.”

With the conference schedule only beginning, Wake Forest knows that it has plenty of the season left to prove itself as a college football powerhouse. As Justice has become one of the leaders for the team, he hopes to encourage and support all those around him on the football field, in the classroom, and around campus. With a contagious smile and genuine love and care for others, Justice will be making a difference in lives all around the country for years to come.


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