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The star of the Broncos 11-10 Week 3 win over the 49ers, Jonas Griffith has made his impact known since coming to Denver. Beginning his career as an undrafted free agent in 2020, Jonas has worked his way into becoming one of the biggest contributors on the Denver Broncos defense in 2022. As he has showcased his work ethic alongside his skills on the field, Griffith has also been praised for his attitude and character away from it, too. Throughout the process, Jonas credits God for being the guide to where he is today.

Photo Courtesy of the Denver Broncos
Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Jonas was a star at Indiana State during his 4 years playing for the Sycamores. Throughout his upbringing, Jonas says faith was always an integral part of his life and helped shape him into who he is today. “ Faith has always been a part of my life since I was born! My dad was and still is a pastor of a baptist church in Kentucky.” Jonas says his years at Indiana State, however, were pivotal in his journey to where he is. “I feel as if I always knew of God but didn’t really have a relationship with him til I was on my own and went off to college and experienced some things on my own.”

Jonas finished his career at Indiana State with 6 All-American honors, which tied for the most in Indiana State football history. After going undrafted in 2020, Jonas never stopped working as he looked for the chance to prove himself at the highest level. After stints with the 49ers and Colts, Griffith gained his footing after being traded to the Broncos. He finished the 2021 season by appearing in 13 games and making 4 starts. Now helping lead the Broncos to their 2-1 start to the season, he says faith guides him every time that he takes the field.

“Faith plays a role because no matter what obstacles are put in my way throughout my career I know that everything will work out because of my relationship with Jesus.”

Photo Courtesy of the Denver Broncos
After an interception in the 4th quarter against the 49ers, Jonas was awarded his first game ball as his teammates celebrated him and his role in the early season victory. Looking to make it the first of many, Jonas says he hopes his gifts on the field are used for a greater purpose.

“The biggest impact I want to leave is that I was the most consistent player no matter the circumstances! God gave me these talents and it’d be a shame if I didn’t use them to the best of my ability.” With the season only beginning, Jonas says he hopes to play every Sunday with that goal in mind as he looks to use his gifts to glorify God.

Although the road has not been an easy one, Jonas says he could not be more grateful for the position that he is in today. As the Broncos look to continue to build on their early season defensive success, Jonas will be an integral piece of moving that success forward.

As he becomes one of the leaders on the team, he hopes every Sunday is a chance to praise God and be a light in the lives of others.


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