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Radiate Positivity

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Romans 12:12

A native of the Atlanta area, Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson has quickly made a name for himself throughout the MLB as a skilled athlete both with the bat and the glove. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, a number 1 overall pick, and now a World Series champion, Swanson’s praises have been sung by many for his versatility and talent. As Swanson makes an impact through his dazzling plays and clutch hits, the biggest impact he makes is off the field.

Growing up in the south, faith has always been a part of Dansby’s life.

Photo courtesy of All Things Loyal
“I grew up in a family that went to church on Sundays, so faith has always been ingrained in me.”

But it wasn’t until later in his life that Dansby says faith became more personal for him.

“It has grown over the years once I left home due to personal experiences and seeing more of the world. I have been able to grow so much more once I got out of the household, and moved on to bigger and better things in the world.”

One of those things is the creation of All Things Loyal, a company Dansby started with some of his best friends in an effort to give back to Atlanta and radiate positivity to the world. Mitch Lancaster, who grew up with Swanson, is one of Dansby’s closest friends, and together they look to give back to the community. Mitch says it was a no brainer to join Swanson in his journey in starting All Things Loyal.

“Dansby approached me about joining forces with him as the season was starting and he had some other stuff to focus on. It was a very easy decision for me to make. Since then we have been working together, we have tried our hardest and bring exposure to many nonprofits, bring the community together, showing off the Atlanta culture that molded us, and trying to drop some swag at the same time.”

All Things Loyal has worked to create Hoodies, Tees, and more that spread messages of positivity. As Swanson and the All Things Loyal team have both made the effort to give back, faith has been the driving force behind what he does.

Photo Courtesy of All Things Loyal
“I think baseball is the perfect sport to teach us about faith because it is such a humbling game. We play a game that you fail more than you succeed and constantly experience the ups and downs so it teaches you how to stay in the middle ground as much as possible, similar to our faith. As athletes, we learn to put our faith in our preparation and not the results of the game because that would cause inconsistencies in our lives with mood and feelings.”

Swanson has made the effort to keep his faith at the center throughout his career. Although, doing so was not always easy. A wrist injury in the 2018 season threatened to slow him down, but Swanson has worked on staying focused on what matters most.

“My faith is my ultimate rock to my career, because of the ups and downs mentioned before. God has given me such an opportunity to impact the lives of people around me, and I try to do as well as I can to be strong in that. Oftentimes it is difficult, and I know places where I can be better, but I am working through it.”

Whether Swanson hits 4 home runs or gets 4 strikeouts, he knows there is more to life than just baseball. As he focuses on faith, friends, and family, Swanson continues to make a tremendous impact on the city of Atlanta and throughout the world. He has quickly grown into becoming one of the most well known faces in baseball, and is admired by so many. Mitch Lancaster has been incredibly grateful to be on this journey with him and looks forward to seeing the continued impact that they can make.

“I have been blessed to meet a lot of incredible people along this journey and just look forward to growing this brand to try and shine some light on all the amazing things that are going on in our city.”

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  1. It is so refreshing to read this story of Dansby Swanson ! Praise JESUS for his love for the Lord and others ! I pray he will continue to be that shining light for Jesus to his teammates and all of Atlanta !!! GOD BLESS U, Peaches THOMAS

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