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For Florida basketball guard Will Richard, making a difference is the biggest goal. After beginning his collegiate career at Belmont, Richard finished his freshman season averaging over 12 points a game to go along with 6 rebounds per game. After finishing his first year, he quickly became one of the most sought-after transfers before announcing his decision to join the Gators. As he prepares for his first season under new head coach Todd Golden, Richard will look to use his gifts to make an impact in the lives of others.

Will Richard in Practice
Photo by Florida Athletics
Growing up in Georgia, faith was always an important part of life for Will and his family. Will says that having faith as a priority has paid dividends throughout his life both on and off the court.

“I grew up in a family that always had God as number one, so faith has always been an important part of my life. My family really emphasized having a relationship with God even from a young age.”

Will says his faith became more important than ever during his freshman year in college when he was on his own and saw faith become even more of a priority.

“I would say my faith really got stronger my freshman year of college because I was on my own so I couldn’t just go to church with my parents every week. I had to take the time out myself to spend time with God. Learning how to make time on my own really benefited me and allowed me to get closer to Him.”

As Will prepares for whatever role coach Golden and the Gators have in store for him, his faith will play a guiding role in his life every time he steps onto the court.

“Faith plays a huge part in my basketball career. Just knowing that all my gifts come from God makes me want to work much harder and give Him the glory every time I step on the court.”

Will during Media Day
Photo by Florida Athletics
While Will carries with him a deep set of skills on the court, he also has a maturity that is far beyond his years. With every game, Will says that he just hopes his play and the way he lives are a reflection of something bigger than himself.

When Will looks at his career on the court, he looks beyond just the statistics. Will says that his greatest goal is to know that he inspired whoever was watching. Will is quick to deflect any credit thrown his way, saying he knows his gifts are not his own.

“I just hope when people see me play they know it’s all God. Everything I’m able to do on the court comes from Him and without Him I’d be nothing.”

“I’m just using my gifts to try and draw people closer to Him.”

As the Gators picked up their first win in the season opener on Monday against Stony Brook, Will cherishes the opportunity to suit up for his new team. With an infectious energy and genuine love for others, Will draws people in because of who he is both on and off the court. With his career only just at the beginning, he hopes the opportunity to inspire others continues for years to come.


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