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A top Junior College transfer after the 2021 season, teams around the country were calling the name of defensive back Keionte Scott after a dominant season with Snow College in La Mesa, California. Considering his options, it was Auburn where Keionte would choose to take his talents. As he has shined for the Tigers this season in his role with them, he has become one of the most reliable pieces of the Auburn defense. In just his sophomore year, Auburn fans will be hearing the name of Keionte for years to come. Keionte says, however, that he hopes his life is just a reflection of God and the gifts He has blessed Keionte with.

Keionte Scott Media Day
Photo provided by Keionte Scott
A native of San Diego, Keionte was a star both in football and track during his high school career. Helping lead Snow College to the NJCAA championship game his freshman year, Keionte has been praised for his athleticism, quickness, and intuition on the field. However, Keionte says that his greatest attribute comes from his faith. Keionte says his mom made sure that God was always a part of his life, and it has carried with him to today.

“My mother has always taught us to trust in the Lord. She did a great job keeping us close to the Lord until we were old enough to understand and learn on our own. And now it is something we truly believe in and walk in every day.”

That faith has paid dividends for Keionte, who says that his trust in God allows him to stay grounded regardless of the circumstances on the field.

After garnering offers from many of the top programs in the country after his standout season with Snow College, it seems Keionte made the right decision in choosing Auburn as he has been the difference maker in a number of the Tigers’ wins this season. Even in those moments, however, Keionte is quick to deflect the praise to those around him. Keionte says that the way he sees it, football is just a vessel for God to work through him.

Photo by Declan Greene
“Faith is everything to me. I truly believe God put me on this earth to play football and reach His people through this sport.”

With his career only just beginning, Keionte will have an impact at Auburn for years to come. While he loves playing the game, he says that he just hopes that he never uses it for his own gain, but instead as an opportunity to be a source of inspiration for others. Not only has football brought him the most joy, but it has also given him the opportunity to support his family and those who have gotten him to where he is.

“I hope to be able to inspire people to keep going no matter what they are going through. Spreading positivity and also helping the younger generation of kids learn all the tools to put them in the best situation to obtain a free education to take the load off their parents.”

When talking to Keionte, the first thing you will notice is the humility and maturity that he possesses. While the impact that Keionte has on the field is insurmountable, what may be even greater is the number of lives Keionte continues to change away from it, too. Beloved by those around him, Keionte hopes that his career is remembered by more than just his accomplishments. Instead, Keionte looks to be remembered for the way that he treats others and always puts God first.


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