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UCLA softball star Delanie Wisz has become one of the best players in the game, currently sitting in the 2022 season with a .406 average, 14 home runs, and 54 RBI’s. After initially beginning her college career at Loyola Marymount, Delanie transferred to her dream school at UCLA where she has helped guide the Bruins to incredible years on the field. Preparing for a Super Regional matchup with Duke, Delanie has been guided by her faith throughout her time on the softball field.

Delanie Wisz Celebrates
Photo Courtesy of UCLA Athletics
Originally from Orcutt, California, playing softball at UCLA was a dream come true for Delanie. As she was growing up, her family always made sure to prioritize faith for her and her siblings. As she has developed into who she is today, that foundation has been fundamental to her success.

“Faith has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up in a Christian household, and I’m so beyond blessed to have learned about God and formed a relationship with Him at a young age.”

Delanie says that focusing on faith has helped keep her focused on the things that are most important.

“My faith keeps me centered and focused on what really matters.”

After an incredible redshirt season year for the Bruins so far, Delanie was named First-Team Pac-12 for the first time in her career. Delanie credits her faith for allowing her to take the field every day and not let the results of the game get to her head.

“My faith plays a huge role in my softball career. One thing that I always remember, whether I’m having the best season of my life or the worst, is that I’m only playing for Him.”

Delanie also says she put a message on her glove to constantly remind her of what is most important when she takes the field.

“I have ‘Audience of One’ embroidered on my glove to remind me that no matter what, I always play to glorify His name.”

Photo Courtesy of UCLA Athletics
As Delanie has dealt firsthand with a number of the pressures that accompany the life of a student-athlete, especially in a game like softball, she says that it is her faith that always keeps her going regardless of her circumstances.

“Softball and baseball are two of the hardest sports mentally and physically, and failure is a huge part of the game. You fail more than you succeed, which can be very difficult to deal with mentally. But for me, knowing that the main reason I’m playing is to glorify Him is what keeps me from going too high or too low. He keeps me grounded.”

Staying grounded is key for Delanie, who says she hopes everything she does is a reflection of God and His grace in her life.

Preparing for the last time she will suit up as a Bruin, Delanie’s time with UCLA has meant the world to her. As she has been able to live out her childhood dream on the biggest stage, she hopes her story serves as an inspiration to anyone watching as to what is possible. With the season not yet over and the chance to play for a National Championship, Delanie will be guided by faith as she takes the Bruins into the Super Regionals and beyond.


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