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In just her freshman year, Alabama gymnast Lilly Hudson has already made a tremendous impact for the Crimson Tide throughout the course of the season. Named SEC Freshman of the Week 3 times over the course of the year, Hudson also finished the campaign by being named to the All-SEC Freshman team. Now looking towards the rest of her time in Tuscaloosa, she has competed throughout her career with faith as her guide.

Photo Courtesy of Alabama Athletics
A native of Fleming Island, Florida, Lilly grew up with faith as a cornerstone for her and her family. She says that as she has grown up with faith as the foundation for her life, it has played a key role throughout her journey.

“My faith has always been my number one priority along my journey. The reason I have made it through so many ups and downs to get to where I am today is because of the Lord’s guidance and unconditional love.”

Lilly says her faith has also allowed her to put her performance in God’s hands knowing that He is in control.

“My faith is what keeps me composed and consistent, I understand that the game is in His hands and His plans are good.”

After graduating from high school, Hudson has quickly become one of the most well-regarded names in the sport. Now preparing for the chance to help lead the Tide to a national championship, Lilly says that it has been all God throughout the course of her journey.

“Faith has played an enormous role in my gymnastics career. Without Jesus Christ, I couldn’t be here. The Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to live out my dreams by doing the sport I love with the people I love every day.”

Lilly says that knowing He is in control gives her joy regardless of her performance each week.

“His love is so clear and constant, I know that no matter what happens when I compete on Friday nights God loves me the same and that brings so much peace.”

Photo Courtesy of Alabama Athletics
Now on her way to continuing to lead the Crimson Tide throughout her collegiate career, Hudson has more eyes on her than ever before. She says she hopes to use that as an opportunity to show others God’s love.

“I pray every day that I can use the gifts he gave me to let God’s light shine through me on the competition floor. Gymnastics has given me the opportunity to share God’s word and my faith with the world and hopefully touch a new heart every week.”

Lilly says that her goal is for everything she does to be a reflection of Him.

“I live For Him because of what He did for us.”

As the Crimson Tide finished up their season today in Fort Worth, Lilly will do her best to help lead Alabama both on and off the floor throughout her time with the Tide. With a strong support system and a wisdom and maturity beyond her years, Hudson’s impact has already been felt. With her career only starting, Lilly will continue to inspire whoever is watching throughout her blossoming career.


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