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As the Colorado State Rams have impressed the college basketball world with their 25-5 season, they have no plans of stopping as they gear for a bid to the NCAA tournament. Led by fourth-year Head Coach Niko Medved, the Rams have taken significant strides throughout Medved’s time at the helm. As they have made an impact on the court, the Rams have also emphasized making a difference away from it too. Star player David Roddy has become a fan favorite for the way that he carries himself both on and off the court, and he credits his faith for leading him to where he is today.

Photo Courtesy of CSU Athletics
Named the 2022 Mountain West Player of the Year, CSU forward David Roddy has had one of the best seasons of anybody in college basketball. Using his size and skills, Roddy has burst onto the scene as one of the most feared players in the conference. As David has grown on the court, he says he has also seen his faith grow away from it, too.

“I grew up in the church but, most importantly, I accepted my Lord and Savior for myself rather than it just being a ‘wallpaper’ decision because I grew up in the church. It has always been important for me to keep my faith and learn about the Bible and its contents. Also, it is how I model the young man that I want to be for myself and for the Lord.”

David says that after finishing his high school career, his faith helped guide him to Colorado State. A star both on the court and on the football field, the forming star quarterback says that as he narrowed his choice for school, he felt God leading him to Fort Collins.

“I was torn between two high major schools and CSU. I prayed to the Lord many times to bring stillness to my heart and have a clear mind when I made my decision. He led me down the path to come to CSU and it has been amazing ever since.”

Photo Courtesy of CSU Athletics
As Roddy has become one of the most notable names on the collegiate scene, he says his faith has allowed him to navigate the highs and lows throughout the game.

“My faith helps me through thick and thin. No matter if I am at my lowest, I know that the Holy Spirit is with me and It comforts me. Learning about God’s Word reassures me that I am on the path that He has set for me. It can be very hard some days, but if you remember that He will never leave nor forsake you, then you can go live your life for Him to the best of your ability.”

Roddy says that mindset has given him the assurance he needs to always take the court with confidence and help lead his team against whoever the opponent may be.

As Roddy looks towards the NCAA tournament and takes everything one game at a time, he says that his faith helps him trust that God is in control no matter the outcome.

“There are many instances of doubt, insecurity, and troubling times in basketball. But, when you spend time in the Word and prayer and meditation, the Holy Spirit can get you through anything and will help you achieve your dreams.”

As Roddy is now on the radar of NBA scouts throughout the league, he has overcome all the barriers on his path and is driven to use his time around the game to make an impact that is larger than himself.

As CSU awaits their name being called as an at-large bid to the tournament, they have already had an incredible season. As Roddy hopes to help lead the Rams to a strong showing on the national scene in the tournament, he says that he has learned that his identity is beyond the game. With a maturity beyond his years and an ambition for serving others, Roddy looks forward to every chance he gets to use his gifts for something greater.


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