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“I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

-Psalm 16:8

A catcher from Hinsdale, Illinois, Kevin Plawecki has always loved the game of baseball. Since he was a kid, he would spend his days on the field and worked each day for the chance to play at the next level. After making his name known at Purdue University, Plawecki was drafted in the 1st round of the 2012 draft. As he has risen throughout the minor leagues and will be going into his 7th season in the MLB season in the 2021 campaign, Plawecki has kept a focus on using his platform to make a difference.

Growing up, faith was always an important part of life for Kevin and his family. Kevin’s dad, Jeff, says he always emphasized raising his kids in the faith and teaching them to always love, no matter what. Jeff says he wants his kids to know that no matter your background, being a Jesus follower is welcoming for all. “All walks of life and lifestyles are truly welcome. My wife and I have tried to instill that openness in our boys. To see how God works through each of us and loves all unconditionally. We are all better and stronger together while casting as wide a net as possible and making people feel truly welcome together.” That strong belief and presence of faith left a lasting impact on Kevin, who remains committed to making a difference and loving all today.

After his high school career came to a close, Kevin Plawecki chose to attend Purdue. At Purdue, Plawecki dominated for the Boilermakers, shattering records and winning awards such as Big Ten Player of the Year and Purdue Male Athlete of the Year. He soon caught the attention of scouts throughout the MLB and was drafted in the 1st round of the 2012 MLB Draft. As Plawecki readied himself for the majors, he says he was also learning to grow off the field, too. “I can say my faith has grown exponentially over the years. I have always believed in Jesus but growing up never really put any time into my faith. I fell short in that area, and I think when I finally got into pro ball is when I really made a stronger commitment to my faith. A lot of factors played into me realizing that I needed to do that. My wife has played a huge part in that and just being a dad now and seeing my son grow. My son is truly a gift from God and I love being able to watch him grow everyday and I want to be an example for him, just like my dad was for me, on what it is like to be a Godly man.”

Soon after being drafted, Plawecki was called up and made his debut for the New York Mets. His career has consisted of time with the Mets, Indians, and now Red Sox, where he posted a .341 average in the shortened 2020 season. In the midst of the highs and lows throughout his career, Kevin says that faith has helped keep him grounded and not so focused on results of the game. “My faith along with my family have made me realize not to allow myself to get too high or too low. As I have gotten older and look back I have grown so much in that area. It definitely didn’t happen overnight to learn that but through my growing faith it has allowed me to just look at the bigger picture of life. When I was young and new to the big leagues or pro ball in general I would let the game consume me at times and it was all I could think about, mainly cause I felt like I was in control. Overtime I have realized I am absolutely not in control and that God is. When I finally started completely trusting in him, that’s when I started to have the most fun playing baseball and it’s helped me become a better person, father, and husband because of it.”

As Plawecki comes off a great year on the field and prepares for the upcoming season, he remains focused on using his platform to make an impact. He says that although he is so grateful for his career, it is his role as a husband, father, brother, and son that he treasures most. Kevin’s dad, Jeff, sums up their mission well, especially in times like today. Jeff says, “Jesus called us to love and serve one another no matter what. All are worthy! He taught us to let God do the judging and we join him in the loving. I pray all Christians take that to heart. Our country and world need this now more than ever.”

*Featured Image: “File:Kevin Plawecki (48156296552).jpg” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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