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Full of Gratitude

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

Psalm 107:1

The 35th pick of the 2020 MLB draft, catcher Drew Romo is just 18 and has already signed his first professional contract with the Colorado Rockies. Although his graduating year was not how he pictured it, he is thankful for the opportunity to have been drafted so high. As Romo readies himself for professional baseball at such a young age, he has been relying heavily on his faith to get him through both the good and the bad times.

Romo, who was born in California, finished up high school in Texas.Romo Family Although faith has always been an important part of his life, he said that in the past couple of years it has become more of a priority for him as he has readied himself for the MLB. “Faith has always been in my life, but it hasn’t always been the most important until almost 2 years ago. I started playing higher-level baseball against tough competition and started going through some personal stuff, so realizing that my faith is the most important thing in my life really helped me.” That faith helped Romo not only become one of the best catchers in his class but also be a top draft pick for the Rockies.

Romo has received an incredible amount of praise for his talent, hard work, and discipline. At such a young age his maturity is beyond his years. He focuses on using his platform to make a difference in the lives of others.Romo in Dugout He has grown in his faith and says it helps give him strength and confidence to take the field and perform against any opponent. “I pray before every game for my health and strength and thankfully, I have not had any serious injuries while playing baseball. I trust God that whatever happens while I play, good or bad, is for a reason and that everything in my career will work out in the end.” That trust has allowed Romo to go into every game trusting that whatever the outcome, he has an opportunity to use his gifts on the field to serve as a blessing and impact to others.

Playing baseball at such a high level at a young age has also helped humble Romo and remind him of how grateful he is to beRomo Signing Contract in the position that he is. “Playing baseball helps me realize how blessed I am to be able to play this game every day.” That humility and gratitude have helped develop Romo into such an intriguing prospect. Along with all of his talents on the field, his leadership and confidence help make him a teammate that others are so grateful to play beside. Romo looks to use his position on the team to show love and care for each of his teammates and support them no matter the outcome of each game.

Although 2020 has brought many surprises to everyone, including Romo, he trusts that even in the midst of the chaos and confusion, God is in control. This calms Romo and reminds him of how grateful he is to have a professional contract in such a trying time in the world. He looks to use his platform and blessings to be a light to others and bring joy to their lives as he takes the field with confidence, knowing that anything can be accomplished with God on his side.

Ethan Kruse

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