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A prized recruit out of the Virginia Cavaliers’ top 10 recruiting class for the 2022 season, Isaac Traudt has loads of excitement and anticipation surrounding his name. The highest-ranked player in the Virginia class, Isaac has set himself apart with his strength, mobility, and scoring. After committing to Virginia to join coach Tony Bennett and his program, Traudt hopes to help lead the Cavaliers back to a national championship. With big dreams, Isaac Traudt is also grounded by the faith that he holds close.

Isaac and his family on signing day.
A native of Grand Island, Nebraska, faith was always a part of life for Isaac and his family. He credits that foundation for helping to guide him to where he is today, both on and off the court.

“My parents always encouraged me to go to youth groups, church, and FCA. My relationship with God has definitely shaped me into the person that I am today.”

Traudt received offers from schools including Gonzaga, Purdue, and North Carolina before choosing Virginia. He says the chance to play for Tony Bennett and the program he has created will be a dream come true, and he will be accompanied by some of the best recruits in the nation along the way.

Isaac says that throughout his career in basketball, faith has been pivotal in his journey. As he has battled his way to where he is today, faith is what drives Isaac to always perform his best no matter the circumstance.

“It’s always very reassuring knowing that God is with me through all of the ups and downs in basketball. My favorite saying is Audience of One. Meaning that God is the only person that I should be playing for to glorify and not worry about opposing fans, opponents, and pressure.”

Isaac says that being able to remove that pressure has given him the opportunity to always play his best and give thanks, regardless of the result.

“It gives me peace knowing that at the end of the day, God loves me no matter how I perform so that takes less pressure off of me.”

Photo Courtesy of Matt Riley/Virginia Athletics
As Isaac gears up for the next chapter of his life at Virginia, he knows he will be playing for one of the most high-profile programs in the nation. Traudt says he hopes he can always use his gifts and platform to promote love and inspire others along the way.

“My biggest goal is to use the platform God has given me through basketball to inspire the next generation to keep their faith strong while playing the game they love.”

Already impacting lives at the high school level, Traudt says that the ability to inspire the next generation and encourage them to use their gifts for something greater than themselves is his biggest goal.

As Isaac finishes up his high school career on the court and in the classroom, his humility throughout his life may be what stands out the most. Quick to deflect attention to his teammates and those around him, Traudt continues to be praised for his selflessness and confidence both on and off the court. With the chance to join the Cavaliers soon, he will do so with faith as his guide throughout the journey.


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