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For Texas Tech transfer Adonis Arms, the chance to play Division 1 basketball for one of the best teams in the country has been a true blessing. After working his way to Tech, Arms has seen his collegiate career include stints at Mesa Community College, Northwest Nazarene, and Winthrop. After graduating from Winthrop after his senior season, Arms found his home in Lubbock as a super-senior. As he has become a starter for a team that continues to impress the country and has dreams of the NBA, he credits his faith for leading him to where he is and making him into the player and man that he is today.

Photo Courtesy of Texas Tech Athletics
Although the path to Texas Tech has not been the easiest, Arms says he wouldn’t change a thing. For Adonis, his faith is what he credits most for getting him to where he is. He says the support from his family on his journey has been paramount and has helped him navigate all the good and bad that has accompanied his career.

“I’ve always put God first and believe in Him to lead me in the right direction. Faith and belief has always been there for me with the support of my mom and sister giving me confidence along the way.” Arms says the support and guidance from his mom and sister give him the drive every day to go out and play the game he loves.

Now with the Red Raiders, ranked 11th in the country and coming off of wins over #7 Baylor and #20 Texas, the impact Arms has had is astounding. Starting in Texas Tech’s last 7 games, Arms makes his impact known in whatever way he can. He continues to be praised for his leadership and character both on the court and in the community. He says that his faith has allowed him to play at the highest level and trust that everything is in God’s control.

“My faith influences my basketball career because I have faith in God and His plan knowing that everything will be alright. At times where I’m failing or not succeeding at the pace I want to, I just believe that everything happens in His timing and not mine.”

Photo Courtesy of Texas Tech Athletics
Arms says that while so much in life is out of his control, he always just wants to do his best no matter the outcome.

“I just have to continue to keep working hard and everything will work out for the best.”

Arms says that the concept of trusting in God’s timing has been the key to his success throughout the journey. While many have doubted him along the way, he has continued to prove countless wrong on his road to success. Now leading the Red Raiders towards a high seed in the upcoming NCAA Tournament, Arms says he continues to trust in God’s plan no matter the outcome.

“My faith helps me throughout the season knowing that everything will be alright because it’s ‘In His Time’. I just think when we are putting all our faith in Him things will happen for the better, and when you’re helping your teammates and others along the way that belief and faith just grows.”

As Arms and the Red Raiders prepare to finish the season and ready themselves for wherever they will head in the tournament, Adonis says he is soaking every minute of it up. Regardless of the end result, Arms is focused on using whatever time he has around the game to always give 110% and inspire whoever may be looking his way. Trusting in God’s plan, Arms says he knows His timing will always be just right.


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