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For one of the nation’s highest ranked basketball recruits, making an impact is a priority. Since Kentucky commit Skyy Clark was young, his skills on the basketball court were evident. As he has risen up recruiting boards and drawn comparisons to some of the most elite talent at the NBA level, he has remained humble throughout the entire process. Grounded by his family and his faith, Skyy Clark says that making a difference is his biggest goal as he prepares for what is next in his life.

Photo Courtesy of Skyy Clark and family
Skyy’s mother, Sarah, was never an athlete herself. But as she has seen her 6 kids grow up, she says she has been blown away by their different interests, gifts, and talents. As she has watched them all grow, she has made sure to instill a deep faith into all of their lives. After growing up with a grandmother who was always telling her about the bible, Sarah hopes to instill those same values into her own kids. Although she says it has been a bumpy road and far from perfect, she couldn’t be more grateful for the position she is in today.

Sarah says, “I have taken many journeys throughout different seasons of life that did not always include making Godly decisions, but I’m so thankful for God’s grace because He always welcomed me back with open arms. Even in my darkest days I knew God’s love was there hidden in my heart.”

Since being a mother, she says that seeing faith blossom in her kids has been her biggest joy.

“Faith is critical because as a mother I mess up, I mature, I learn as I go, I regret and all of these things require grace; and I need grace to know grace. I haven’t done a perfect job, but my heart burns passionately for my children. And to see them successfully loving God is my truest desire. Everything else is an added blessing.”

That foundation of faith has played a pivotal role in Skyy’s life, who says his trust in God’s plan has given him comfort in his life both on and off the court.

“Faith is the only thing that gives me a different type of peace because with everything that goes on in the world, God is a safe place for me to go and ease my mind. I don’t just go to God when I need him but every night I thank him for the position he has put me in and the blessings He has brought me. No matter how many times I fail or stray, I know he is there with open arms.”

Now a star on the basketball court, Skyy says he just hopes to use his gifts for something bigger than himself.

“I want to be known as someone who left an impact on a lot of people’s lives and to inspire them to be the best versions of themselves and to give 110% to what God has called them to be.”

Photo Courtesy of Skyy Clark and family
Now finishing up his senior season at Montverde Academy, Skyy has seen God working in his life throughout his time around basketball. He credits God for the blessings in his life and is always sure to deflect praise when it is sent his own way.

“I feel like I wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for God. All I had to do was my part and then trust Him. The times I’ve tried to do it on my own haven’t worked in my favor so I am learning to trust him. Without my faith, I’m just playing a sport. With my faith, I’m in alignment with God’s will for my life.”

While Skyy is always working on becoming the best player he can be and helping his team win, Skyy says his biggest goals lie beyond the basketball court.

“I think the biggest goal for me is to get as many people to heaven as possible. I believe that with the career and platform God has given me, I have the chance to reach a lot of people and bring them closer to God.”

Joined by 2 of the other biggest recruits in college basketball on the way to Kentucky, Skyy can’t wait for the chance to suit up for Coach John Calipari’s squad. As he gets ready for what’s next, Sarah says she just hopes to continue to see him chase his dreams and use his gifts to make a difference.

She says, “I always encourage parents to let their kids be who God created them to be. Of course we should guide them, that is our job, but let them be creative, nurture their creative side. Let that have a voice. Listen to them.”

As Sarah and Skyy soak up the remaining moments they have together before college, they both are so grateful for the different gifts God has given them and the chance to impact lives through them.


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  1. I believe that you have inspired a lot of people, with not only your gift but with also your faith that show everyone you should have in your life because there not much you can accomplish without faith.

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