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“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

-Matthew 5:16

For one of the highest ranked basketball recruits in the country, playing college basketball at Duke University was always a dream. After becoming a star on the court for Yorkville Christian, Jaden Schutt received offers from the likes of Michigan State, Iowa, Creighton, and Florida, among others. As he made the decision to head to Duke and become a Blue Devil, it was a decision centered on faith as Jaden looks to use his gifts to touch the lives of whoever he can.

Photo Courtesy of Duke Athletics
One of the top shooters in the class of 2022, Jaden grew up around the game with an ambition of playing at the highest level. As he got older, Jaden also developed in his faith, which he says is a crucial part of him and who he is.

“I’ve grown up in the church and I have gone to a Christian school for all of my schooling. With all of the resources to learn about Christ, I have been blessed to develop a faith of my own.”

Now looking towards his graduation from high school, Jaden will look to finish up his career with Yorkville Christian in the best way he can before heading off to his next phase of life.

As Jaden has become one of the most talked about recruits, he has never let that get in the way of how he plays and what he plays for. Jaden says his faith helps guide him on the court and is a place he can go to after both the good and the bad games.

“My relationship with Jesus Christ plays a huge role in my basketball career. God has given me the ability to play such a great game and meet phenomenal people throughout the journey. I hope to honor God with my play and be a light for his kingdom.”

Photo Courtesy of Duke Athletics
As Schutt looks towards suiting up for Jon Scheyer, who will be head coach of the Blue Devils when Jaden arrives, he hopes to grow with those around him and always play for something greater than himself.

Praised for his shooting, footwork, and basketball IQ, Jaden says that he hopes his time around the game isn’t centered on him. Instead, he wants to use his gifts to always give back to others. That mentality has been structured by his reliance on God and His plan for Jaden’s life.

“Through basketball I hope to lead others to Christ, help those in need, and develop strong Christian relationships.”

Jaden found that the perfect place for that to all come together was in Durham at Duke, where he will be joined by the 1st ranked recruiting class in the country. Hoping to bring a championship back to Duke, Jaden will make every effort he can to always work hard and lead others in whatever way he can.

While Jaden is sure of where he will be going to school next year, he knows that with a basketball career comes a number of challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks along the way. He hopes to always keep a positive mindset wherever he goes, trusting his faith in God and the plan that He has already laid out. Whatever comes, Jaden knows that every opportunity on the court is a chance to lead and inspire others away from it, too.


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