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One of the top linebackers in his class, Gavin Nix has already received offers from schools including Alabama, Texas, Michigan, and more. The class of 2025 recruit says that throughout the process early on in his recruitment, he could not be more grateful for the chance to play the game that he loves at the highest level. Currently playing for IMG Academy, Gavin Nix has already made a name for himself as a top recruit. As he prepares for what is along his journey ahead, he says he has been guided by faith and credits God for the position that he is in today.

Photo Courtesy of Gavin Nix
Growing up, Gavin says that faith has always been a priority for him. Regardless of the circumstance, Gavin says he has trusted in God throughout his life and rested in His plan.

“I grew up in the church so keeping faith has always been a big aspect of my life and most definitely important. I will say the older that I’ve got and the more life that I’ve lived, God has shown me how important it is to firmly keep your faith in Him.”

Now finishing up his junior year season, Gavin says that he relies on faith every time that he takes the field. He says that a verse that has guided him throughout his life is “walk by faith and not by sight.” Especially in the ups and downs of football, Gavin says faith is what reminds him of his worth and gives him something to play for.

Photo Courtesy of Gavin Nix
“I know that In football there’s going to be times when things get hard for me and I might not know what that next step in my journey is looking like, or where my next step will take me. I know that I can’t do anything on my own without the Lord by my side.”

The road for Gavin has not always been an easy one. He says that he has learned to trust in God and his plan regardless of the circumstance, even when things aren’t going as he may have hoped.

“When I get in these rough times where my vision gets really blurry walking on my road, I extend my hand out to the Lord because I trust and believe that he will guide me in the right direction. He’s never led me wrong and I know he never will, so there’s no reason to ever doubt Him.”

When asked about the impact he hopes to make, Gavin says that he wants athletes to know that they are more than just athletes. The pressures that come from a sport can be overwhelming, and Gavin wants to use his platform to show that your performance does not define you.

“Being an athlete is what we do, it’s not who we are. I’m so grateful that God has put me in a position to see and clearly understand that I’m way more than just an athlete. With him blessing me with that vision I want to flip that back onto other people and help people find their true identity or who they are as a person.”

Gavin says that he wants to use his platform to promote positivity and always leave a place better than he found it.

“I want to be someone who leaves behind a positive impact on wherever I’ve been and moved on from.”

With his career only just beginning, Gavin says that he is putting his future in God’s hands. As he prepares for where he will spend his college years, he says he just hopes to make an impact both on and off the field wherever it is that he goes. With a joy, kindness, and humility unlike any other, Gavin will be making an impact for years to come. Regardless of where he is, Gavin says every day is a blessing and looks forward to taking advantage of each one.


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