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Bella D’Amico, a setter for one of the nation’s top collegiate volleyball teams, has emerged as the cornerstone of Georgia Tech’s 2023 season. Under her guidance, the Yellow Jackets have put together an impressive 18-3 record, setting their sights on a promising run in the upcoming NCAA tournament.

Photo provided by Bella D’Amico
Bella says that her life on the volleyball court has been guided by a desire to make a difference, as faith has been her rock through it all.

Bella’s family had always been her biggest supporters, both in her faith and her volleyball career. When she encountered setbacks, Bella says that she found solace in prayer and a deeper understanding of her purpose. She says that her journey through the ups and downs of college athletics have only been made possible by her faith.

“I grew up Catholic and was very blessed and fortunate to have a family that nurtured my faith. My faith has grown more as I’ve matured and I’ve come to realize His greatness more and more everyday.”

As a senior athlete at Georgia Tech, Bella is an integral part of what has quickly become one of the program’s most successful years in its history. Her dedication to the sport, combined with her faith, have helped make her the person and player that she is today. Every time she steps onto the court, Bella says her faith guides her, setting the tone for her performance.

Photo provided by Bella D’Amico
“I say a quick prayer of gratitude to God before every match. The reason I am where I am today is because of what God has planned for me. God has been and continues to be my rock through any challenges I face. I rely on Him and trust His plan.”

In her role as a senior setter, Bella has undertaken the responsibility of mentoring and inspiring her younger teammates. She seeks to instill in them the notion that their worth isn’t solely defined by their performance on the court. With her talents and gifts, Bella aspires to have an impact that goes beyond the court. She aspires to cultivate a love for the sport and illustrate the power of hard work, resilience, and faith.

“I hope to spread a love for the game and an appreciation to God for the gifts and opportunities He has given us.”

As the Yellow Jackets gear up to conclude their season, Bella stands ready for the chance to lead her team to history. Through the highs and lows, she continues to credit God for all that takes place. Bella’s aspiration is to serve as a source of encouragement and inspiration to all those who watch, demonstrating that faith and hard word can lead to success, both on and off the court.


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  1. I have been a huge fan of Bella. I watched her grow under the mentoring of another super setter and I have watched as she mentors a successor. She is a gem and performs to the highest in the classroom, court and as an ambassador. I think her testimonial is not surprising because she lives her words. I am blessed to have met her.

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