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Destyn Hill, a freshman wide receiver at Florida State, has been a testament to perseverance and determination throughout his journey. With a story of delayed dreams and steady faith, Destyn is now taking the field for Florida State with a deep gratitude and appreciation for every moment he gets to play the game that he loves.

Photo Courtesy of Destyn Hill/Florida State Athletics
Throughout his journey, Destyn says that God has been his anchor in the midst of the ups and downs.

Hill’s journey began in a neighborhood where dreams of escaping the struggles seemed out of reach for many. However, he was determined to rise above adversity and make a difference. He carries a message of hope for young men and women, emphasizing that anything is possible. Now taking the field for the Seminoles and chasing his dreams, he says that it is his trust in God that has pushed him forward.

“Every time I get on the field, I know it’s God doing the work, not me.”

Destyn’s journey to Florida State has not been an easy one. After being one of the top ranked recruits in the 2021 class, his arrival at Florida State was delayed for two years due to a family matter. Although his path was delayed, his faith remained constant. Now achieving his dream of playing Division 1 football, Destyn now hopes to inspire others with his story, showing that hard work and faith can pave the way to success.

Since arriving on campus, Destyn says he has worked hard to continue keeping God first in his life. In the whirlwind of college athletics, Destyn says that God has been the one constant.

Photo Courtesy of Destyn Hill/Florida State Athletics
Having that constant is what he says has allowed him to succeed both on and off the field.

“It’s easy to get lost with worldly attractions at any college, but your relationship with God is the only thing that could convince you to straighten up.”

As a member of the Seminoles football team, Hill now has the opportunity to showcase his talent and determination on the biggest stage. Each game he plays in is a testament to his faith, and he humbly attributes his achievements to those around him. When he reflects upon his journey, he thinks of the challenges faced by those who grow up in environments where dreams often struggle to overcome the harsh realities of life. With this perspective, Hill now carries a profound message of hope.

“I hope to show all the young men and women where I’m from that it’s possible, and the streets are not the only way.”

With each touchdown scored and every game played, Destyn looks to play for something bigger than himself. Hill is on a mission to use his platform as a source of inspiration, guiding others towards the realization of their own dreams. Although the journey has not been easy, Destyn is grateful for the process and now looks to help those going through a similar struggle.


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