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As Tez Walker sat at his locker on October 7th, he felt an immense feeling of gratitude and relief as he looked at his #9 jersey. After transferring to the Tar Heels, Walker was forced to miss the first 4 games of the season before his eligibility was granted by the NCAA and he was able to suit up. Against Syracuse that October day, Tez took the field with more appreciation than ever before. Throughout his journey, Tez says that amid the uncertainty and questions, his faith remained his rock.

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Growing up in North Carolina, Walker says that faith has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. It was later in life, however, as he began to face challenges that he says he turned to faith more than ever before.

“Faith has been important but I never really understood what it was until I got around late high school like junior/senior year when adversity started hitting. When I started going through things, I started to find GOD and it has been amazing seeing things from a different point of view.”

After finishing up high school, Tez began his collegiate career at NC Central before transferring to Kent State after the 2020 season was canceled. It was with the Golden Flashes that he burst onto the scene, becoming a star in his two years there and being named first-team All-MAC as a sophomore in 2022. After transferring to North Carolina, Tez quickly faced challenges as he was held off the field.

Forced to sit out his first few games of the season due to transfer rules, he watched from the sidelines as his teammates took the field. His faith, however, remained steadfast. He knew that God had a plan for him, even if it meant biding his time. When his chance finally came, Tez was more than ready. Finishing his second game against Miami with 3 touchdowns, Tez knew that his journey, with all its trials and tribulations, had led him to this moment.

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“Faith plays a role in my football career because I have put everything in the hands of the Lord! After doing so it is amazing seeing what he has done for me and very eye opening.”

While Tez’s journey has been far from an easy one, he wouldn’t ever change the way that everything has happened. Looking at it all as God’s plan, he hopes to now use his struggles as an opportunity to inspire and show what hard work and faith can do.

Although there have been dark days, Tez says that he learned to see the light and hopes to lead others to do the same.

“The impact I hope to have is people seeing what I have overcome and done and thinking that it is never the end and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

With one of the most exciting and explosive offenses in college football, North Carolina has fans around the country excited after their 6-0 start to the year. Tez has been grateful for every piece of the process and is appreciative of even the most difficult times. Now looking to help the Tar Heels to wins in whatever way he can, he credits God on and off the field and looks to use his platform to be a light.


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