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A top recruit in the 2023 class, wide receiver Ryan Niblett will be heading to Austin to play for the Texas Longhorns. A highly coveted recruit, Niblett received offers from schools that included Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, and many more before committing to the Longhorns. As he prepares for his time in Austin and looks towards becoming the best player that he can be, he credits faith for guiding him throughout the course of his life.

Photo provided by Ryan Niblett
A native of Houston, Texas, Ryan says that his faith has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. Instilled in him by his family from a young age, Ryan says it is what gives him the strength to go out and take on each day.

“Faith has definitely always been a part of my journey. I’ve seen that faith doesn’t only give me my mental strength but it has also given me physical strength.”

Ryan says that he has relied on a passage in scripture that talks about having the faith of a mustard seed.

“In the Bible, it says if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can move a mountain and I go by that quote. I know that my faith gives me the ability to do anything through God.”

Now finished with his high school football career, the future is only just beginning for Ryan. As he readies to now suit up in burnt orange for the Longhorns, he says that his faith continues to play a crucial role in his life.

“Having faith is what gives me the ability to want to do more and to become the best version of me on and off the field.”

Photo Provided by Ryan Niblett
As Ryan works towards those goals, he says that he strives to be great and to represent that faith that he holds close in everything that he does.

With his platform beginning to grow, Ryan knows that he will have the ability to reach a number of people through the game of football. With that, Ryan says he always wants to be a light and show kids what is possible through hard work and determination.

“I just hope to have the most successful career on the field and also just to continue to believe in the God that I serve. Through Him, I can accomplish more and more.”

Ryan says that any accomplishment of his is merely just a reflection of his faith and the blessings that God has put in his life.

With only months remaining before his first season of college football, eyes across the country will be glued to Ryan and what he will bring to the field. A star in track throughout high school, Ran will be bringing electric plays to DKR Texas Memorial Stadium throughout his career there for years to come. Above all, Ryan says that he just wants to use the gifts that God has given him to give back and be an inspiration to whoever is watching.


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