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Maryland signee Jamie Kaiser Jr. has become one of the most intriguing recruits in the class of 2023. The small forward out of IMG Academy has made a name for himself with his impressive shooting and physicality and now prepares to soon suit up for the Terrapins. As Jamie is now preparing for this next stage of his life and all that his career will bring, he is guided by faith both on and off the court.

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Originally from Virginia, Jamie was raised in a catholic family where he says faith took root in him early on in his life. As he has gotten older, however, Jamie says he has seen his faith develop and now looks to use every chance he can to give glory to God.

“Although I grew up around faith, I learned that you don’t really understand it until you make the sacrifices necessary to follow the word and His works. Although I will still make tons of mistakes I know my foundation and relationship with God is strong and it’s all a part of my walk with him.”

Jamie says that foundation has played a key role in his life, allowing him to play basketball knowing that God is in control regardless of the outcome.

As Jamie prepares for his time with Maryland, he knows he will be playing in one of the top conferences in college basketball. Although he knows the challenges that are headed his way, his faith is what continues to keep him grounded. After being overlooked early on in his basketball career, he trusted in God as he worked to make a name for himself.

“When it comes to basketball I started off being undervalued and it took me years of work to finally get recognition at the end of my junior year. In those years of work, I didn’t see results right away which would deter most but my relationship with God is strong and I know true faith is nothing without work.”

Photo by NIBC
Now a part of a recruiting class for Maryland that ranks 14th in the country according to 247Sports, Jamie will look to help lead the Terrapins to a championship-level season. Still, Jamie says that his goals lie beyond just the basketball court as he hopes to make an even bigger difference.

“I want to let people understand that God is the truth. Life is full of seasons, some are better than others but regardless of the season, good or bad, it is important to know that He is there for you at all times, and having faith is the most important thing.”

That faith continues to guide Jamie as he closes out his high school career and prepares for all that now lies ahead.

Although Jamie’s skills on the court are evident and impressive, those around the game are even quicker to note Jamie’s demeanor and character. With a heart of service, Jamie wants every second he has around the game to be used to make an impact in the lives of others. With his future in basketball only just beginning, Jamie hopes that he always plays for something bigger than himself and takes advantage of every opportunity to glorify God.


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