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A top 100 recruit in the class of 2022, UCF forward Taylor Hendricks has quickly made his impact known during his freshman season with the Knights. Starting in all 28 games so far in the year, Hendricks leads the team with 15.3 ppg as he has helped the Knights to a strong season. With his young career only just beginning, Taylor Hendricks credits his faith for guiding him to where he is today. With a wisdom and maturity beyond his years, he looks to use his gifts to glorify God.

Photo by Tyler Thomas/UCF
Taylor, a native of Florida, is joined on the UCF team by his brother, Tyler, who is also a freshman on the roster. Taylor says he couldn’t ask for anything more than to play basketball at the highest level and to do it with his brother at his side. With family and faith as his focus, Taylor says he has seen his relationship with God sprout throughout his life. Growing up in a faith-based home, Taylor says that his relationship with God really began to develop during his high school years.

“Faith has always been important in my life. However, attending a Christian school since my junior year has allowed me to heavily strengthen my relationship with God and understand His word and my purpose even more.”

On the court, Taylor has become a staple of the UCF team on both sides of the ball. A star in high school, Taylor helped lead Calvary Christian to back-to-back state titles. Since taking his talents to Orlando and UCF, the goals for Taylor remain the same. He says that every time he takes the court, he thanks God for the opportunity to play the game he loves.

“Faith plays a huge role in my career because my trust in Him helps me feel assured that no matter what happens on or off the court, I will be just fine because He already has a plan that will leave me blessed at the end of the day.”

Photo by Tyler Thomas/UCF
Taylor says that he knows that plan may not always be what he expects, but he has learned to trust the process and to always place his future in God’s hands.

Quickly becoming one of the top freshmen in college basketball, fans around the nation are drawn to Taylor’s athleticism and playmaking ability. Taylor says that he hopes his time around the game of basketball is used to show others that through God, anything is possible.

“I just hope to inspire others and to let them know that anything is possible with faith and works through the Lord.”

Taylor also says that he has learned that the journey will not always be easy. As he has worked to overcome the obstacles he has faced, he says that leaning on God and his plan has been paramount, and he hopes to demonstrate that through the way he plays.

“I also hope to inspire others to keep working hard and stay faithful to the Lord no matter what trial you face.”

While Taylor has incredible gifts on the court, the way he carries himself away from it may be even more impressive. Despite any accolades to his name, Taylor lives each day out of kindness and love to all those he interacts with. Rooted in faith, Taylor’s poise and character will carry him throughout wherever his journey leads him. As he prepares for the conference tournament and the chance to continue to impress as he closes out his freshman season, Taylor says he just hopes he can look back on his career and know he played for more than just himself.


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