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One of the most exciting names in college basketball today, Maxwell Lewis has burst onto the scene for the Pepperdine Waves in 2022. A star forward, Lewis has quickly made an impact in his sophomore season after earning WCC All-Freshman Team his first year with the program. Maxwell has now appeared in lottery territory in a number of mock drafts and continues to impress with his scoring ability, athleticism, and passing capability. While Maxwell is grateful for the success he has seen on the court, he remains grounded and says he just hopes he can use the game to be an inspiration to others.

Photo Courtesy of Texas Tech Athletics
Originally from his hometown of Las Vegas, Maxwell finished his high school career with AZ Compass Prep in Arizona, where he earned offers from schools that included Baylor, TCU, Utah, and more. After making his decision to play at Pepperdine, he has quickly become a star for the Waves. While it was his freshman season when he quickly made an impact on the court, it was also during that time that Maxwell says he began to see faith become a priority in his life. “I started taking faith seriously about a year ago, I realized I didn’t want to only be praying and worshiping God when I need something or was going through something, but that you should do it all the time to just show Him you’re thankful.”

Maxwell has taken that mindset with him into his sophomore year, where he says gratitude has been the key to success. Taking a moment and appreciating all that he is surrounded with has allowed Maxwell to play the game with less pressure and know that every game is just an opportunity to do what he loves. Maxwell says that prayer has allowed him to grow both physically and emotionally and remain focused on what is most important.

“Faith plays a huge role for me. I pray for a safe game before every opponent and just having that relationship with Him and also worshiping Him has helped me both mentally and physically.”

Photo Courtesy of Pepperdine Athletics
As Maxwell prepares for the rest of the season, he will do so while looking to use every opportunity to inspire those that are watching. With his name becoming one of the most talked about in the upcoming NBA Draft, he says he hopes anyone who sees him and his story knows that you can accomplish anything when you work hard. With a close tie to his hometown, he says his biggest goal is that those kids watching him are inspired and continue to chase after their dreams.

“I want to inspire the kids from back home and show them it doesn’t matter where you come from or go through, just don’t quit. You will see the light.”

Maxwell Lewis is a star on the court for Pepperdine, but the person that Maxwell has become continues to impress even more. With a deep drive to make an impact in his community, Maxwell will continue to inspire lives wherever he goes. As he makes jaw-dropping plays and draws the attention of scouts throughout the NBA, he will continue to stay humble and focus on using the gifts God has given Him to give back to others.


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