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For the Oklahoma Sooners softball team, the impact that catcher and captain Lynnsie Elam has had on the team cannot be overstated. Since joining the Sooners for her freshman year in 2018, her impact has been felt in Norman through her skills on the field and her leadership and character away from it. As she has overcome obstacles and difficulties along her journey, she says she hopes to use every moment on the field to play for an Audience of One and glorify him.

Photo Courtesy of Oklahoma Athletics
Growing up in Oklahoma, Lynnsie became a prime target for the Sooners early on in her career. As she was making strides on the field, she says her faith was also an important part away from it as well.

“I had a basic understanding of God as a child and throughout my middle school years, but I really came to know Jesus in high school. My journey really took off in college though. I went to church my entire life, but I did not build a strong relationship with the Lord until high school and college.”

It was in high school that Lynnsie also faced the most difficult time of all. After losing her mom in a car accident when Lynnsie was 15, she found strength and encouragement from the Oklahoma team and their staff.

Since joining the Sooners and becoming a cornerstone for the team behind the plate as their catcher, she says she couldn’t imagine a better place to be. Every time she takes the field, she hopes to play to glorify God and all that He has done in her life.

“My faith influences my softball career in every area. My goal is to play for an Audience of One. I want to show every person watching who I play for. I want to use the abilities that God blessed me with to share Jesus with others.”

Lynnsie says that knowing God and His goodness in the middle of softball’s uncertainties has been imperative for her and her success.

Photo Courtesy of Oklahoma Athletics
“The game can definitely be difficult, as most athletes know, but when I fully realized that my identity was in God and not in my performance, it made softball a lot easier. My softball career would not be what it is today without the influence that my faith has on my career.”

Lynnsie has been praised by her coaches and teammates for her character, work ethic, and maturity throughout her time with the Sooners. She has become admired for her strong leadership and selflessness on and off the field. Lynnsie is quick to deflect that praise, however, to her faith.

“My faith plays a major part in every aspect of my life. My relationship with the Lord is something that I can always count on whether I am succeeding in my sport or failing. For me, I know that my identity is in God, not my performance.”

Lynnsie says that regardless of her results on the field, her goals are still the same.

“Whether I am succeeding or failing, my purpose is to share Jesus with others. I want to be a light for the Lord in all areas regardless of my athletic performance.”

As the Sooners have been considered the most dominant team in all of sports, they will be carrying that momentum into the upcoming Women’s College World Series. After a dominating win against Northwestern in the first game of the WCWS, their successful season continues. As the Sooners look for the chance to call themselves National Champions, Lynnsie says that she has found joy regardless of the outcome. With every chance she gets, she hopes to glorify God and inspire everyone watching to never give up no matter the circumstances.


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