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“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

-Romans 12:12

Named the Gatorade National Volleyball Player of the Year her senior year of high school and ranked the number 1 recruit in the country, Lexi Sun has been noted by many throughout her time in the sport as one of the best there is. After beginning her collegiate career at the University of Texas, Sun transferred to Nebraska where she has become a powerful player on one of the best teams in the country. In the midst of the numerous successes Lexi Sun has found throughout her career, what encourages her on the court and inspires her to always uplift others is her faith.

Born and raised in Encinitas, California, Sun grew up playing soccer. She soon realized that she may be too tall for the sport, and she switched to volleyball where her skill quickly became evident from the very beginning. Growing up, Sun was raised in the faith, but she says that she began to really make it a priority later in her life. “Growing up in a Christian home, faith has always been a part of my life but it wasn’t until about a year ago that I grew a more active & authentic faith. By taking ownership of my faith, my life has changed and I am constantly pouring into growing in my relationship with Him and learning more about God and His amazing character.” As she has grown in her faith, she has also been growing on the court, too.

A central piece to one of the best volleyball teams in the country, Sun has led the Cornhuskers to an incredible 2021 season so far and a taste of what could come in the tournament, where they enter as the 5th best team in the country. She is guided on the court by her faith, saying, “Volleyball is a great way for me to glorify God with the talents that He has blessed me with. I try to make it my goal to use the platform that I have because of volleyball to make Him known!” She also says that often it can be tempting to make volleyball her identity, but she knows God has something even greater in store for her. “I don’t have to worry or let my play dictate who I am. I am secure and confident in myself because I find my identity in Christ and who He says I am.”

In her first collegiate year, Sun helped lead the Texas Longhorns to a perfect conference record and was named a unanimous All-Big 12 selection and three time Big 12 freshman of the week. She decided to transfer to Nebraska, where she was sidelined for a while due to an upper body injury which forced her to miss her first 7 matches. Sun says that through moments like these she trusts that even when it might not be the most obvious, God still has a greater plan. “With sports and even just life in general come oh so many ups & downs and through all of that, God is constant. Having my relationship with God to always rely on is something that I never take for granted and is something that always keeps me grounded! Thank God for being the one constant and forever thing in my life!” That consistency has helped Sun to bounce back from any adversity thrown her way and focus on continuing to make an impact both on and off the court.

As Sun and the Cornhuskers look towards the tournament which begins later in April, she says that she also knows that there is more to life than just volleyball. In the midst of the greatest moments and the toughest too, Sun says she has relied on God and His love for her to keep her grounded and consistent, focused on taking advantage of everyday and bettering those around her.


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